Website Translation & Localization

At Value Translations by Christine Wernicke we provide professional English to German and German to English website translation and localization services.

With every localized version of your website you extend your reach to new audiences. Make the most of that opportunity, and talk to your customers in a language they understand.

The majority of web users prefer to consume site contents in their native languages, which is why it is tremendously important for website operators to offer contents in multiple languages. With every localized version of your website you extend your reach to new audiences, and in many cases even a minimum of effort can lead to a higher return on investment.

Translation vs. Localization

A simple translation seldom is enough to convey a marketing message. If your goal for that website is to convert, you need to make sure that all meanings, connotations and idiomatic expressions are preserved and make sense in the target language.

Making a website work in another language involves much more than a literal ‘word by word’ translation. While a simple translation may well make sense for certain applications, in many cases it will not suffice.

Idiomatic and colloquial expressions bring text to life and are essential devices in marketing texts – but all that may get lost in translation. Puns or phrases with multiple layers of meaning may sound great and give depth to an article, but they may not make any sense at all when translated. Localization is a more complex process whereupon content is adapted to effectively convey a message so that it actually makes sense and is fully understood in the cultural context of the target language.

Machine Translation vs. Human Translation

A machine translation is just not good enough. Technology has come a far way, but not even the most complex algorithms employed in machine translation today deliver results that could compare to a professional translation.

Machine translation has developed fast, and has come a far way. However, the human language (and especially German with its difficult grammar) is very difficult to master for even the most complex algorithms employed in machine translation today. Translation software and online services may suffice to provide a general idea about the contents of a text, but the results are still far away from an actual translation, usually make little sense once the source text becomes more complex, and are more than likely to elicit a smirk from the reader.

That is why we do not use machine translations at all, for none of our professional work. All of our translations are hand-crafted, and even though we provide a quick turnaround we never sacrifice quality for speed and always strive to deliver results that best meet the business objectives of our clients.

Vacation Rental Website Translation

Christine is the only translator we recommend for projects in German.

Luciano C.

Job Fair Website Translation

Christine did a great job. 200% expectation of time (finished her job earlier than promised). She also gave us some extra input beside the job. She is more than a translator and tries to understand our business. It's a pleasure to work with a very professional and accurate person. Thank you again Christine.

Thibault V.

Travel Destination Website Translation

Excellent service and good quality. Thank you!

Magdalena S.

Property Website Translation

It was a pleasure to work with Christine, very professional, excellent communication and an eye for detail.

Yu S.

Website Translation for Holiday Homes

Christine was fast, professional and easy to work with.

Mateja D.

Translation of Technology Website

Fast, efficient and professional.

Daniel R.

Website Translation for Distributor of Royalty-Free Music

Christine's work it's like a Porsche car - great quality, luxury service and delivery in time. Just all you need.

Oleksandr N.

Proofreading of Company Website

Christine was really nice to deal with. She provided sound proofreading with detailed explanations for every unclarity. Moreover she ensured good communications and timely delivery of the project. Definitely recommended.

Vadim R.

Environmentally Friendly Advice - Website Translation

Thank you very much for the excellent job you did. We hope to continue working with you in the future.

Armin V.

Summer Language School Website Translation

Pleasure to work with, excellent speed and delivery. Thank you so much Christine.

Leon F.

Website Translation for Toys Manufacturer

Christine is a top provider. Excellent work communication and service. Thank you so much.

Willy D.

Website Translation and Localization for international clothing brand

Perfect, thanks Christine, you are a star.

Karen D.