Proofreading or proofreading?

At first glance this question may sound a bit weird, but when you get a proofreading project offered, make sure to find out who did the translation in the first place – a human or a machine.

Unfortunately, it becomes more and more common that clients provide you with a machine translated text that ‘only’ needs a bit of proofreading – and they are dead serious about this translation.
Therefore, they often ask you to reduce your estimate as they already have this translation for you that only needs a bit of ‘freshening up’.

How do you respond?
Well, as in all cases, there is no black and white scenario here either.
Give it some thought, and ask yourself: Do I really want to tweak a machine translation into something beautiful? Or would I rather start from scratch and create a magnificent text on my own?

When finding your answer, make sure to carefully balance all the pros and cons, and remember: You are the expert!

Just stay true to yourself: Never undervalue your work!

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