What can go wrong when assigning a translator for your translation project?

Now that you have found the perfect translator for your project, could there possibly be anything that could go wrong?!
Well, that depends on how you have selected your translator and how well you have communicated with each other.

Things that can generally go wrong are: ridiculous deadlines, low compensation, hardly no communication between the client and the translator, an overconfident translator asking no questions (or a translator who does not care), poorly used translation tools, poorly edited machine translations, no proofreading of the target text – to name only some of them…

So what can you do?
Instead of telling the translator that the text is easy, let them know what field the required translation lies in – or even better, provide them with the source text. A professional translator only accepts texts that lie in their fields of expertise to guarantee you the best possible results.
Moreover, tell them what audience you would like to reach as this is an important point when finding the correct style and tone of the translation.
Listen to your translator when finding a deadline as they know exactly how much time they will need to give you a quality translation.

All in all, make sure that you work together with your translator. Be available when your translators asks questions. Be prepared to give them more details on your work.
Both the translator and you are experts in your professions – use those strengths to get the best translation that reads as if it was written naturally.

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