Ever heard about clients that expect to get trial translations for free?

Unfortunately, that often is the case. I’m just wondering if the same clients ask for free samples everywhere else?

So do you ask your tax consultant to prepare your tax return for just a month or two – for free! – and then you will see if they did it correctly, and maybe, you will employ their services in the future? Or do you go to a photographer and ask them to give you one or two photos for free so that you can compare and see who makes the best photos? Or do you expect to get one or two buns for free at the supermarket because you have never tried this kind before? And last, do you go to a hairdresser’s and ask if they can just do a haircut for you child for free so that you can see how they work before deciding whether you would like to have a haircut for yourself?
This list can go on and on.
So why do some people even suggest that a translator translates “just” 300 words for free for them so that they can see how well the translator did that? That’s an insult to their profession!

If you are unsure about the outcome, why not start with a small project and see how it works out for both you, the client, and the translator?

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