Translation projects with the message “I’m on a budget”

How often have you read or heard something like this? Or even worse “I’m willing to pay…” or “My budget is (just insert something embarrassingly low)”?
But the worst part is that people really expect superb translations for next to nothing.

Naturally, everybody is on a budget somehow. That’s life. But don’t we have to have realistic ideas of what can be achieved for the budget we have?
And why do so many believe that they have to bargain with translators? Do you bargain in a restaurant, too, telling them something like “I’d like to have this dish for $20 but I’m only willing to pay $10.”? Or do you bargain with the supermarket’s cashier, asking them to reduce the price, because the apples are rather small – as you only have $45 and not the $50 you have to pay for your whole shopping?

Translating is a craft like so many other professions in which everybody has to earn a living – even a translator! So why are you ready to pay the asked amount by any other professional but expect a translator to work below minimum wages?

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