Translation projects titled “Fast and easy translation”

If you ever read a project description like that – run while you still can! Chances are that the project is in fact quite the opposite.

Besides, who is going to tell you, the expert, whether a translation is easy or not? How do you want to know that? And more importantly, do you go to a restaurant and order your meal with the remark that you want to have your food immediately because cooking your dinner is fast and easy? Or do you ask your builder to hurry up building that house of yours because this is just a piece of cake?
No, you don’t?! So why do you expect a translator to work especially fast on a task you call easy for you? Don’t you think that whatever you have in mind with your translation is worth the wait?

Anyway, please leave the assessment of what is supposed to be fast and easy to the professional, in this case the translator, who will give you a personal quote based on their experience.

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