Translating texts for children

Are you among those who assume that if you translate material intended for children, it will be an especially easy and fast process?
Regrettably, you are wrong.

What you do not take into consideration is that children do not have that range of vocabulary or grammar an adult possesses and that certain words are less appropriate for them. The translator must get the special feeling, the magic, that is involved in children’s stories right so that the translation will be as exciting as the original text.

Just imagine a child sitting in a comfy environment and urging their parents to continue reading the story. That is what should be achieved with a perfect translation as it will have a huge impact on a child’s reading experience.
The same approach works with the translation of rhymes in storybooks or apps which is a challenging but nevertheless very rewarding task if the translator puts their heart and soul in.

As you can imagine, such a translation does need time, especially as the result should sound as natural as possible without destroying the coherence and intended meaning of the original.

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