A quality translation takes time

Are you in a hurry and do you expect to have your document translated in no time at all?
Well, that may be possible but then you will most likely get a mediocre translation back.

If you want to receive a translated text that appeals to its audience, you must have a realistic approach on what the translator may achieve within a set time frame.

Be aware that translating a text needs much more time than writing a text with the same number of words. Translation is a complex procedure where the translator does not only need a high command of the languages they translate from and to but they also have to be aware of language specific phrases and idioms. And do not forget the cultural differences. So that what sounds good in one language does not necessarily make sense in another.

So how many words can be expected to be successfully translated within one day? As a rule of thumb estimate, you can calculate on one to two thousand words, based on the type of text and its complexity. A good translation will contain some research to double-check that the terminology in your field of expertise is correctly used as well as a proofreading process to ensure that the translated text will not contain any spelling or grammatical errors.

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